I for one am glad I didn’t go back to VERO. I decided that once I left Instagram, I wouldn’t want a replacement. My experience with IG over the years (and subsequent social media platforms) has just left a bad taste in my mouth. I decided a while ago that I didn’t need to be filling my time with it. I keep Twitter because I think it fulfills a different type of need for me, but that’s it. It goes beyond the just pictures thing and delves into the media a bit which for me is a bit more interesting.

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Oct 3, 2022Liked by T.M. Luk

I agree. It seems like every “replacement” that comes out just does not really make it. I have found some new photographers to there, but also notice many that ask you to follow them on instagram. Leaving me with the feeling that perhaps they share mostly on instagram and then once in a while on VERO. I haven’t really found it to be that much better than Instagram. I avoid the ads and reals by just using the Following and Friends feeds. I think we are stuck with the social networks we have.

I also have found it is very hard to move followers from one network to another at least when you are as famous as me (basically a nobody 😂). It’s the same as when I tried to get people to move to google plus. Impossible. So each new network is basically like starting over.

I am losing interest in VERO as well and probably will just stick with Instagram.

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Same conclusion for me. The potential is here but it's just not happening, and I think the great first era of social networks is over, so nobody really needs a new one but rather something else.

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