Since taking Twitter off of my phone I’ve spent way less time there as a whole. I think the whole act of cutting back to the minimum and then adding back only the necessary is a much needed exercise once in a while. We tend to accumulate.

Just like our home, the need to clean house helps us feel whole again.

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All social media is becoming a pay for your protection scheme or scam. I won't do that. A good time to lessen our presence online.

Spring is near. More time to spend outdoors. Gardening, hiking, biking and all the good warm weather activities.

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Though I’ll miss seeing your posts, I am happy that you are doing what you need to do. It’s important to do social media at the exposure that is right for us individually even if that changes over time. So I am happy to have seen you pictures and enjoyed your posts while I could. I’ll also enjoy your writings here as long as you want to post them here. 😊

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