Absolutely agree. Have a reasonable gear in balance with your own pretensions and needs, and stop worrying about it. And let your camera at home from time to time; you learn to see and free your mind. Also, don't dive in any internet current of practitioners; just follow your instinct.

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I still love photography but I’m also trying to step away from the banger shot ideals and shoot purely by feeling. They may not be the best shots but for me it’s to remember the feeling when I saw that something. I’m glad you are able to “re-position “ your mindset and can now look at your photography in a more wholistic manner. I still hope you can find “your camera” one day.

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I love photography. I love escaping and exploring through my lens. Whether that is with my phone or my Fujifilm XT-30. And I usually use 1 lens- my wideangle, though I have others. I’m not a gear head and what I have fits in a backpack. And I hate tripods. As a friend of mine has repeatedly told me, the best camera is the one you have with you.

I lose myself when I shoot. And I try to capture what I feel about the place and what I “see.” A story, if it’s there for me.

I’ve studied many photographers and artists. And I’m always learning. I incorporate techniques I’ve learned where they work for me. Focus on composition and seeing. And I don’t obsess about settings.

Photography is a part of most places I visit. When I open those photos, I live in that place again. And I enjoy sharing them.

I loved your post and your journey.

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I feel like I’m starting to go through that process now. The redefining what it means to me and what I want to accomplish with it, if anything. I totally get this post and see myself in a lot of what you wrote. 📷

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